Now, you can type on your notebook or laptop even during a power failure or when someone beside you is already sleeping. The USB computer light from Lewis N Clark is a very useful device while traveling and chronicling your experiences.
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With the SELPHY ES1 from Canon, printing your photos while jetsetting is no longer a problem. You can unload your digicam immediately for fresh set of photos and have something to leave with new friends as a remembrance.
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It is the first CDMA Blackberry smartphone that is capable of global roaming on GPRS/GSM networks so you can travel across the globe with a full data coverage and mobile voice without changing smartphones, email addresses or phone numbers.

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You just got to have the new 8.1 mega pixel Samsung i85 digital camera if you’re a traveler who loves gadgets, just like me, because of its intelligent multimedia features. It has an integrated PMP (Portable Multimedia Player) and MP3 player and is equipped with a 3-inch touch screen LCD...

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It has been over three decades since the first desktop computer was created and designed to cater to the calculating and organizing needs of people.  The regular desktop computer, including the monitor and CPU is big and heavy, that you can’t carry it around when you travel across the countries.

Traveling with a family of techies will no longer be a problem with the Linksys travel router around. A hotel room with just one Internet port can be instantly transformed into a mini hotspot.
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Getting on the Internet will never be a problem wherever you are with Always on Wireless’ WiFlyer WiFi Wireless Router around. Constant Internet users, particularly travelers who document their...

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The Sony DSC-P200 Digital Camera is the model replacement of the Sony DSC-P150. It belongs to the highly popular subcompact “P-series” digital cameras of Sony, and is very similar to the previous model. The P200 has enhanced features you will definitely find easy to understand and enjoy.

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powershot sd100

Every travel is a quest for perfect memories captured in still photos. For sure, the hunt for the ultimate camera companion is a constant challenge. The digital camera family has the answer.

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swimMan apple shuffle

If you think the iPod couldn’t get any better, you’d be so delighted to know that SwimMan has come up with a new Shuffle model that can be used underwater.

Oh, yes, the SwimMan Waterproofed Apple 1GB 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle is void of the bulk expected of waterproofed versions of top travelers’ gadgets and even comes in the same funky...

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