Now, you can type on your notebook or laptop even during a power failure or when someone beside you is already sleeping. The USB computer light from Lewis N Clark is a very useful device while traveling and chronicling your experiences.
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With the SELPHY ES1 from Canon, printing your photos while jetsetting is no longer a problem. You can unload your digicam immediately for fresh set of photos and have something to leave with new friends as a remembrance.
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It is the first CDMA Blackberry smartphone that is capable of global roaming on GPRS/GSM networks so you can travel across the globe with a full data coverage and mobile voice without changing smartphones, email addresses or phone numbers.

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lumus-pd201_2405.jpgThe Lumus PD-20 is the latest in video glasses from Lumus. This eye wear lets you watch films and music videos in the most personal manner. Images are reflected via a Light-guide optical element (LOE) which is placed on the frame of the glasses. So, get ready...

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stun-gun.jpgThe Scorpion 200 Spray and Stun Gun is a good defense instrument for intrepid travelers who find dark alleys in strange places irresistible. The device can unleash 200,000 volts to sufficiently stun an assailant...

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