Telenav offers a downloadable program that lets you get GPS on your smartphone, the cost of this facility is a mere $10 per month for unlimited access to a countrywide network, the GPS works with most cell networks.


A hands-free that works with a plug-in and lets you listen to music or talk on your phone. Voltage required is DC 12V. Read more.

breath-analyzer.gifThe digital alcohol breath tester is an ideal companion for those who have to take liquor during social functions; find out the alcohol level in your body before the police tell it to you. An accurate representation of your blood alcohol density, it’s also makes for a good gift. ...

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The Shinco 7” portable TFT DVD player lets you enjoy your favorite music and videos while traveling. The player supports various multimedia formats and you can view high quality video on those long car and train journeys. The DVD player comes with a car head-rest holder and you can attach the player to a TV tuner, if you wish to.

Netvibes has introduced a new feature for mobile users who find it difficult to surf the net when on the move because of the poor navigation features of their cell phones. You can now access your emails and RSS feeds by logging on to a single site. Mobile internet use is thus greatly simplified. The modules covered by ...

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The Four Battery Solar Charger is a cool device to carry to the beach on a sunny day where it can quietly...

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The SnoopStick allows you to snoop on what a person is viewing on the PC. Useful to keep tabs on your spouse, kids and employees when you are away. Get the travel connection? The SnoopStick has enough memory to log up to an year’s activity.


A practical and unique cellphone strap that is more than a fashion accessory. Given the number of functions in cellphones and their emphasis on slimness, it is not uncommon for batteries to give out unexpectedly...

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relief-bag.jpgAll right my travel enthusiast brethren, you’ve got to figure out the usefulness of this one on your own. A Relief Bag for you to empty your bladder when a toilet is not in sight and you simply have to do it. I don’t know if this product comes with a step-by-step manual on how to do it in a crowded place but the idea is a cool one for drivers stuck in traffic snarls with nowhere to...

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wrist-wearable-wireless-com.jpgThe evolution of computers have come a long way, and in each era of change, units have become faster and yet smaller than before.  First, there were big desktop computers, then came laptop computers, and then palmtop computers.  They’re most common due to the boom of mobile phone technologies, and so technologies have been merged...

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