wrist-wearable-wireless-com.jpgThe evolution of computers have come a long way, and in each era of change, units have become faster and yet smaller than before.  First, there were big desktop computers, then came laptop computers, and then palmtop computers.  They’re most common due to the boom of mobile phone technologies, and so technologies have been merged and gave birth to multi functional devices which we now refer to as Smartphones.  But the evolution of computer does not stop there, because there’s a new item on the market that’s even smaller than a palmtop but has the complete functionality of a computer.  Would you believe it?  It’s a wrist computer.  I don’t know if you’d agree if it’s an advancement in the evolution of computers so you judge for yourself.  This item is small, handy, and obviously very portable, however its specs match the computers of way back.  You see, this computer works with a processor speed of only 400MHz similar to the old Pentium II series and 64MB of RAM.  And as one might expect this unit is only as good as the those computers, and cannot be used for the modern games so many of us enjoy.  Still, it’s a great advantage to be able to work on some documents outdoors without having to worry about too much weight.

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