heartratemonitor.jpgHow many times have you worked out and given up thinking you’re not burning any fat?  This condition is very common among people with weight problems.  People who aren’t used to having heavy workouts need used to the having their endurance spent, plus the results of the first few days don’t really show significant results.  This is what usually makes people give up believing they’re only wasting their time and effort.  But if there was some device that could serve like a fat monitor then perhaps it could give these people a bit of encouragement.  And so, let there be one.  A device truly created for athletes and sports fanatics, the forerunner 301 keeps track of your heart rate, and the calories you burn during your workout.  What’s more it has a built in program which warns you if your heart rate is going too fast or too slow.  You may set the limits of the watch according to your ability and workout.  The advantage of using such a watch during workout helps you avoid overworking yourself and cause unnecessary strain on your muscle tissue, and in effect prevent incurring injuries.  If you’re a medical practitioner, it also eliminates the need of doing manual reading of heart rate and blood pressure as well, pretty convenient huh?

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