philips.jpgIn this day age, CD players are no longer the trendy items they used to be.  Newer, even better items have already taken over the market today in the form of I-pods and MP3 Players.  After all, they say the smaller the better, right?  This may apply to sound playing devices, but I doubt if any device, which plays videos, can be of any good if it’s that small.  Here’s the resurrection of the old CD Players, the Philips PET320.  In appearance, it is very similar to the old CD players, bearing the same round shape, a digital counter, and control buttons with the exception of digital colored display screen.  This device, not only plays audio files but video streams as well.  However, any techie would know that certain files require codecs for them to be played.  Well, don’t worry, this gadget has its own codecs preinstalled.  That means it’s able to play any video format be it of VCD or DVD content.  You might say this portable gadget can do the work of any other DVD Player, and in fact it does.  In addition to its regular audio and video output, it also audio and video outlets so it can readily be attached to a common TV for clearer video and sound.

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