usb_cooler.jpgIt’s always great to have a well chilled bottle of soda when you’re working, and even better when you’re relaxing. The problem is the longer you work, the warmer your drink gets, and then before you know it, it no longer tastes as good. But then let’s stick to the working part on this one, shall we? Everyone would probably agree that’s it would really be nice to have a refrigerator beside them all the time now wouldn’t they? After all, that’s where all the cold drinks are; otherwise they won’t be cold now, would they? Well, you could always have a cooler beside you when working, that’ll keep the drinks cold a little longer. Or, you could try getting a USB Beverage Chiller instead. It only replaces your cooler, but your refrigerator as well. It has a cold plate that maintains a temperature of 45 deg Fahrenheit, the perfect temperature for keeping beverages cool. Even an unchilled beverage can become cool in a few minutes. Now wouldn’t that be just tasty? Plus this gadget needs no external power supply. It is relatively easy to use, and goes simply by connecting its USB cable to a computer. For added, convenience, its USB cable is 5m in length, and that gives you plenty of room to place it where it’s most convenient for you.

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