snap_lock.jpgA knife is a tool that’s perfect for all around uses.  It’s a cutting tool, and simply put as long as it’s sharp enough it can be used to cut anything less hard.  When working with wires most electricians are skilled in using cutters and pliers, but for really fine wires nothing beats your common kitchen knife.  Using a knife to peel off the insulation not only helps you avoid cutting the inner wires during the cutting itself, it also makes sure that you cut clean all the way around.  Common household uses of knives of course include food preparation, but you already know that.  Some people even shave with knives.  All around, knives are always pretty handy to have around.  The problem is it really isn’t advisable to carry one in your pockets.  If you don’t know why, then you really need a good knock on the head.  Knives are handy because they’re sharp, and because of it, they’re also dangerous.  Carrying them in your pockets may cause someone injury, but most likely, that will be you.  Which is why in most cases, it’s much more advisable to carry around Swiss knives.  They’re not only sharp, but they also fold.  Similarly, the Van Hoy Snap Lock 2 also folds, but it has an even better design.  It pivots open on its side, not its edge.  It has lock lugs on its frame to ensure better grip.  Plus it also has a razor sharp blade so it always makes the cut!

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  1. Luis on April 4, 2007 4:41 pm

    Nice article, I was thinking about getting one of these ever since I saw it on thinkgeek. I’ll be sure to check it out.

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