utili-key.jpgThe modern handyman should always have his tools with him most of the time.  It allows him to spring into action should some work need to be done.  However, if you were such a person, it would be awkward carrying your toolbox around all of the time, now wouldn’t it?  But there is a way to have your tools around all the time and not be bothered by them.  How?  You attach them to a key ring.  Sounds ridiculous?  Check this out.  The Util-key-6in1 tool are your common handy tools packed into 1 small package.  The picture might look big, but it’s not.  Have you noticed that the tools blend into the shape of a key?  That’s because this tool package has the size of a key, and it’s meant to blend with all the other keys on your key chain.  Do you get the picture?  Now you really do have your tools (well most of them anyway) with you all the time, that is unless you’re a very forgetful person and you always leave your keys behind.  This mini toolkit includes a small semi-serrated knife (2 surfaces), one mini flat and Philips screw driver, an eyeglass screw driver, and a bottle opener.  Pretty handy huh?

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