fire_starter_knife.jpgWhat a person basically needs when camping outdoors is a means to stay warm, protect himself, and feed himself. For this purpose, it’s always handy to be equipped with fire starting skills. Rangers, scouts, and native people in certain parts practice making fire the old fashioned way, by rubbing two sticks together. Though this method always come in handy (if you’re out of options that is), the modern times have brought us many alternatives to start a fire. Plenty of people, especially smokers always carry a lighter or a box of matches with them and that would do the trick nicely. The problem with it however is that when temperatures are cold and the climate is damp, it’s own difficult to use these items. And so once again, were left with no options. The solution to this problem is to carry along fuel igniters, which work just like a lighter, but produces more intense flames. Most fuel igniters however don’t come small or short so they’re not convenient to carry around. The ToolLogic Firesteel Knife is the answer. As a knife, it provides you a sharp weapon should the need ever arise. It also serves as a cutting tool when you need to cut meat for food. But best of all, it comes with a fire starter which can produce sparks at 3000 deg Celsius. Problem solved.

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