swiss-memory.jpgHere’s an item which really stands out, the Swiss Memory USB. On the outside, it has the gorgeous look a swiss army knife. Of course, as its name say it also comes with a built in USB drive. The package certainly looks great, but that’s not all; it also works great. Swiss army knives have always been used for a variety of uses, some more tedious than others, but basically it’s handy to have around should the need arise. The same thing goes with the USB drive. It may not be an item meant for the outdoors like the knife but hey, it’s very handy with the computer these days. USB drives have replaced compact disks and diskettes in this day age, and it’s obvious why. With the advancement of modern technology, chips have become smaller and smaller, but much faster, and have bigger capacities. Plus it’s a lot handier to carry around considering it comes in the size of your common key chain. But that’s not all, this gadget isn’t just limited to these two items. It also has a red LED light, which acts both as indicator when the USB drive is busy reading or writing, or for manual lighting use. On top of that, this gadget also has a ballpoint pen, which of course is another handy item. I wonder if they provide ink refills for this one.

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