stealthswitch.jpgHave you ever wanted to shutdown your work quickly enough or at least hide what you’re doing when an unexpected visitor comes? I have. During work, there are times when I wish to relax and unwind, after doing so much and so I usually spend 10-15 minutes taking a break with my favorite PC game. Of course, everyone knows there shouldn’t be any playing in the office right or so it should seem that way. Which is why every time the boss suddenly comes to the office, the guilty ones are always jumpy. Jumpy at trying to close everything and pretend like it’s regular work, that is. Well, you just might pull it off, but then think about all the stress it’s caused you. Is it worth it? If you haven’t gone through stress, then its best you continue to live your life that way. Stress can lead to a weak heart, sometimes an upset stomach, loss of sleep, and other times ulcer. Now I ask you, is playing a game for a small piece of R&R worth the trouble, I think not, unless of course, you have a secret weapon in your arsenal. A stealth switch is the key to your quick gaming needs. How, you ask? This device is very easy to use. It readily connects to your computer by USB connection. Use its built in program to specify how you want it to work, and presto, you’re ready. With just a tap of a toe, you can automatically close all the active programs or just hide them, and with another tap fully restore everything in a flash!

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