swiss_beat.jpgAn MP3 player, by far has already surpassed previous music playing devices due to its versatility and compatibility with standard PCs.  I-pods have eventually come into the picture, but that’s a different story.  Basically, what makes these devices stand is that they have memory of their own, which allows users to choose what to keep in them.  In with the evolution of new music formats, the memory usage of music becomes even more and more smaller but the capacity of the players becomes even larger.  Because this technology has been based on flash drives, they can also be used as such.  So not only does an MP3 player store music, but virtually any kind of file (that could fit that is) for added extra convenience.  What a great device huh?  But if you think that’s too much then you’re in for a treat.  The newest innovative creation is the Swiss Beat MP3 Player.  Not only does it have all the functionality of 1GB USB Flash Drive and MP3 player, it’s also an FM radio, a voice recorder and a Swiss Knife all in one.  The MP3 player is completely removable, however the aluminum casing of this knife offers it suitable protection so why bother.  As with standard MP3 players, it has an integrated Lithium battery that may be charged using USB connection.

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