scan_guage_2.jpgHere’s a gadget that’s definitely a must have for travel.  When driving your car, you’re usually able to read your engine speed, speedometer and perhaps your engine temperature.  These can always tell you when your engine is already reaching its limit.  In the case of engine overheating, it’s pretty much speaks for itself.  However, in the case of other engine troubles, one might not be very familiar with them.  What this gadget does is allow you to monitor more engine parameters like battery voltage, fuel economy, coolant temperature, average speed, maximum speed, driving time, and distance traveled, to name some.  On top of that, the engine also reads engine trouble codes, so not does it only monitor various parameters, it tells you exactly the trouble of your engine.  This gadget is relatively easy to install and use.  It readily connects to the diagnostic OBD-II connector (found under the dash board) that commonly comes with standard vehicle types these days.  Functions are accessed using the simple on screen menu.  An added advantage is the shutdown delay of this device even when the engine is already shutoff, but turns automatically on when the engine is started.  This allows the user to monitor the latest and earliest parameters of the car at the critical times.  Plus, background color is fully customizable for your preference.

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