bionic-wrench.jpgEver try tightening a nut using an adjustable wrench?  It’s relatively easy for some, but for others, it’s not such a piece of cake, especially when you’re working with the small ones.  The wrench simply tends to slip away, and in worse cases, nuts and bolts get damaged during tightening.  What’s the solution?  Well, you could always use closed end wrenches right?  True, they don’t slip as often, but they slip just the same.  So what do you do?  Perhaps a set of f pliers can do the trick.  Using a pliers will allow you to use grip on the nuts, however, it can damage the nuts in the process.  What a waste.  But what if these two were combined into one, a gadget that offers a tight grip, and one encloses the nut on all 6 edges?  One device can do just that, the Bionic wrench.  Not only does this wrench help you tighten all bolts, its design also allows you to minimize damage on them.  How?  The even grip on all 6 sides of the nut also applies even turning on the bolt, which eliminates strain on its sides.  Similar to adjustable wrenches, it can also fit and turn a variety of sizes due to the design of its jaws.  Upon gripping the handle the jaws close in and tighten so as long a nut can fit in between it can be tightened.

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