power_squid.jpgMost people would say that octopus connections are very risk and could lead to a lot of fires.  They’re right.  Octopus connections definitely has a high risk of overload which can lead to sudden sparks that could set the rug, carpet or wood on fire.  But how could people use five or more devices should the need ever arise?  People can use extension cords for multiple outlets, you say?  That’s true, but it works no differently than an octopus connection and fires might still start from it.  What you need is a circuit breaker for added safety.  Then you can plug as many outlets as you want.  But then, that would look extremely messy now wouldn’t it?  So instead of setting up an octopus connection, why not try using the squid instead?  Yes, the power squid outlet multiplier can do all of that without the mess and the fires.  This gadget also has its own 15 A circuit breaker so you don’t have too worry about having too many stuff plugged in.  Each of the 5 outlets are connected by flexible cables so need to worry about connect things too close either. All five outlets are 3 prong type so you don’t have to worry about electric grounding as well.

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