kill_a_watt.jpgDo you keep track of your power usage?  If you haven’t been, it’s probably as good a time as any to start on it.  Doing so will not only allow you to learn how basic electricity works, but also help you manage your bills better for the coming month.  Have you seen those devices that power meter readers always carry with them?  Well of course they take readings and record your meter reading, but do you ever ask them how much your expected payment will be for this month?  Yes, computations are relatively simple.  Even without a meter you could always determine yourself how much it is.  All you need to do is check the power rating of the devices in your home.  More or less, you can roughly estimate your bill by multiplying it depending on how long you use it everyday.  After which by multiplying by the cost per watt, you can estimate how much you’ll need to cover.  Of course, manual computations aren’t that accurate so it’s always best to be prepared.  The Kill-A-Watt meter not only monitors your power consumption, but with it you can also monitor current and cumulative parameters to make sure power quality is consistent to protect your equipment.

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