policy_master.jpgDo you travel a with a lot of high security documents?  Does your work require security from other business competition?  Do you just want to protect your valuable data?  Most often times, people just rely on self generated passwords, which is commonly your birthday, a lover’s birthday, a favorite thing.  While cracking one password may not be easy, if people always use the same password, chances are someone might actually guess what it is.  Although people value their privacy, some things are more important than others.  Are you willing to offer $50 for total security?  The Mandylion Password Manager can offer you just that.  This gadget not only functions to help you remember your password, it generates the passwords too.  Of course, you’re free to specify its length, and what it’s made of.  This device has plenty of tamper resistant features for your total protection, even activating it requires a 5 key sequence personally encoded by the user.  Tough security huh?  In addition to that, if someone plans to tamper with the settings, any wrong entry or tampering flashes a warning upon successful activation.  It also has a self destruct function, although that seems a little bit extreme.  This device can be used with your mobile phone, PDA, and personal computer via USB connection.  The device stores and generates passwords up to 14 characters each.

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