pencil-torch.jpgLight up your torches and follow me!  Nah.  This torch is not one of that sort.  It can be used like it though, but then it would be a real big waste because this gadget can do much more, a whole lot more.  Unlike the old ones of age, it’s not a wooden one.  Of course, you already knew that.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be posted here.  This one’s made of metal and plastic.  Plus there’s no need to take along matches to light it up because this gadget works with piezo electronic ignition.  That means it has its own source of sparks to start up flames with just a push of a button.  Neat huh?  There are devices similar to this one like common stove igniters.  But this torch is not just for producing sparks, it produces high intense heat as well.  Flame temperature reaches up to 1300 deg Celsius.  It can be used for the same works meant for your common blow torch and welding machines.  The advantage of this device over them is of course, it can be hand held like a flashlight, and yet produce the same results.  Plus, there’s no need to setup the equipment.  And if for lengthy uses, it may also be used with a stand. 

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