microjet-lighter.jpgSo what does this title tell you?  It’s a lighter torch.  If it’s not obvious enough, that means it’s a lighter turned blow torch.  Yes, your common lighter might quite be useful for lighting up candles, starting your kitchen stove, and perhaps produce small flames, but that’s just it, with a lighter, you can only light up, start up, and produce SMALL flames.  That’s the limit of a lighter isn’t it?  Well, this product says differently.  A common household lighter can turn into a blowtorch and reach temperatures of up to 1300 deg Celsius.  It’s perfect with common Do it Yourself repairs. Yes, this neat little gadget can be quite useful around the house.  The only thing you need to be careful of is burning the house down.  Use it for repairing damaged jewelry, small leaks in your car perhaps, or fix the plumbing yourself.  Plus, due to its innovative design, its easy to use and it doesn’t weigh as much as your common blow torch.  What’s more is that you could always take it along camping trips, for starting a fire or even roasting directly.  It has a limited fuel supply though, and it may be fueled using a common lighter or by the fuel cell that comes with it.  Either would allow it to continuously burn for 20 minutes at most.  Too soon?  Bring a whole pack of lighter fluid then.  It doesn’t cost that much.

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