ninja_remote_black.jpgA ninja remote?  Nah, there are no ninjas around.  But it does sound catchy, doesn’t it?  Plus, coming in black and red does give it kind of a ninja look right?  What this little gadget really is, is a compact universal remote.  Well, there might be many of them out there, but not everyone of them works with a wide range of devices, or even if they do you’ll have to set up the right frequency first before you’ll be able to use them.  And after you do, those other controls don’t really do much except increase and decrease volume and move the channels.  Although nothing beats the original ones in multi functionality, universal remotes offer you extra convenience by allowing you to use one remote for a wide variety of devices.  This one, however, specializes only on television sets, unless of course there are radios that work with the same frequency as TVs do.  And it doesn’t require additional programming so it’s well worth it at $9.  After all, with the others you’ll have to keep the program codes around, otherwise they’ll be completely useless.  This one is ready to use with a lot of popular TV brands so it can replace old damaged ones instantly.  Plus, a battery already comes with the remote so you’re good to go.

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