dx1.jpg211470f.jpgNow what this neat device is, is your ultimate customizable keyboard, or input device.  It offers you the power to reorient and design the keyboard itself according to your preference.  It doesn’t eliminate the need for your standard input devices (keyboard and mouse) though, it just offers you extra control and the ability to execute multiple commands with the click of one button.  This system comes with 25 buttons that can be stuck and removed on its pad, that offers the power of 25 macros at most.  This device is relatively easy to use.  The pad comes with 2 permanent buttons for programming the stick on buttons.  What makes it unique form other standard devices is that instead of placing your hands to fit the device layout, you can layout the buttons themselves to fit your hands.  It can be used with any program, and it gives you the extra efficiency when you need it.  Keys are easy to program as well, even when certain programs are in use.  Anytime you can stick a new key, press it down and enter the command or macros for it.  This device works best to your advantage when playing combat games.  By using one button you’re able to switch weapons, fire, and reload, and this put you in par with the quickest players around, but it doesn’t help you aim better though.

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