key-katcher.jpgHere’s a gadget for people who are into the trouble shooting business. What this gadget does is record all keystrokes entered into the keyboard, and interprets their output. It works with all PS2 keyboards, and there’s another version for USB keyboards as well. Basically they still work the same. This gadget is perfect for technicians who are always on the go. They can recheck their work at any other time because this gadget has an intact memory of its own, unaffected by connectivity and sudden power losses. It contains its own management software for quick editing, review and removal of old records. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated, its similar to your basic text editing software. With its full functionality, it also has encryption software to protect it from unauthorized use. It records up to 262000 keystrokes, and comes in varying capacities of 4MB, 256KB, 128KB, and other mini sizes. This tool is perfect for workstations that require security and tracking for unauthorized access. What’s great about this device is that it stands on its own, does not take up any system resources, and virtually runs in the background. And best of all, it’s portable, unless of course you want it fixed on one unit, but that’s completely a different matter.

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