ledminifridge.jpgTired of always having to walk across rooms just to get to your fridge when you’ve got so many things to do?  Do you often go more than 3x every time you’re busy?  What a hassle huh?  Even you’re trying to relax during vacation days, it would be nice to enjoy a bottle of soda or two wouldn’t it?  But hey, what if you run out of soda, chances are you’ll have to make the walk again or just forget it.  It’d be nice if that fridge was standing right beside you now, wouldn’t it?  But what if you then decide to go you room, or go somewhere else to do something else?  Perhaps a good rope and rollers would come in handy right?  But you wouldn’t go through all that just for a bottle of soda.  How about at work?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had your own fridge instead of going to the public fridge every now and then?  Hey, who says you couldn’t?  There is a portable fridge.  And it’s not only a cooler, it’s also a heater too.  It operating temperature range is from 40-140 deg Farenheit, plus it operates quietly unlike so many units that keep buzzing all the time.  Dimensions are 12.5”x 13.5”x 17.5” (just as big as your common oven toaster) with a capacity of 20L.

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