21149ab.jpgboostaroo.jpgIs your laptop too old to produce quality sounds?  Can you hardly enjoy music in your new I-pod, MP3, or disc player?  Well, fret no more.  What you need is an amplifier! What do you say?  Too bulky for you?  Yeah I know, but I’m not talking about your standard speakers for the PC or the Karaoke.  Here’s a petite little device that’s just right for your needs.  Presenting the Boostaroo Portable Amplifier, a unique device that will not allow you to increase the audio output of most audio devices, it also allows you to share the quality sound with 2 other people.  Yes, this device is a splitter too.  It has 3 output sockets, compatible with any standard phone jack.  The best part is this amplifier requires no power input, plus it is pocket size so you can bring it with you and may be used anytime anywhere, with just about anything.  Even with its 3 way split, this device boasts of no sound distortion or loss  in any of them.  This device boosts sound by up to twice its normal volume, and because the normal volume setting of the source is reduced, added benefit is that you also get to save on battery life.

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