virtual_keyboard.jpg21168e2.jpgOnly one word can ever describe this gadget and that is “wow.”  Have a taste of what the space age has to offer.  This is the future of all keyboards, and it doesn’t only work for PCs, it works well with cellphones and PDAs too.  It can work just as fast as any regular keyboard.  It laser-projects a 63 key keyboard layout on any flat surface, then all you have to do is click away.  It even comes with simulated clicking sounds to give the same familiar experience with regular keyboards.  Sounds strange and impossible?  That’s the true magic of the future for you.  I haven’t tried for myself though.  But check out this customer action shot.  This gadget is sure to turn a few heads when used anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone or PDA.  This gadget works with almost all kinds of operating systems, although its support for MacOS is only limited.  The best part of it is this gadget is only 3.5” tall, really, really small, and it can even fit it any of your pockets.  Get the future of keyboard technology for yourself, heck it sure beats carrying around a regular keyboard for your typing needs.  It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for as much as 120 minutes. 

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