inflatablemassagechair_small.jpgEveryone needs a good massage every now and then. People might go for it to have their bodies rejuvenated, or sometimes simply because it feels good. Now how would you like that convenience right in your home? Or wherever you go for that matter? This unique massage chair can take away all your pains (well, the physical ones at least) to give you the feeling of a fresh new you. How is this possible you ask? This chair is inflatable, and of course, deflatable too. That makes it so easy to use and stash when no longer needed. This chair comes with three intensity levels, time control and nine functions. Inflating the chair is also a snap with the handy pump that comes with it. All it takes is 3 minutes, and waalah, total relaxing satisfaction. But hey don’t forget the most important fact about this thing. It’s a couch! And when relaxing and enjoying the tube there can be nothing more comfortable than one. Plus, this one’s inflatable so you get to find your comfort, however you choose to sit. The standard package comes with its own repair kit and remote. Now who would ever have thought that being a couch could feel so, so good? Great find huh?

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