stashcard.gif Here’s a unique little invention.  Oftentimes, card slots in laptops are hardly used, and usually end up non functional before someone eventually decides to use it.  This unique little accessory makes use of an empty card slot as a secret compartment inside the laptop.  This example of innovative thinking is actually a great idea.  In fact, it is perfect for storing small objects much like a car compartment does.  The only difference with this one is that it goes with your laptop and not your car.  It’s quite handy think about it.  If you’re a workaholic young professional, most probably you’ll have your laptop beside you more than your car.  Keep small change in the compartment.  You never know, one of these days you might fancy doing a little overtime work at your local coffee shop.  No need for pockets.  One compartment is all you need.  Just push the button, and pop.  The compartment opens and you can easily retrieve any items stored.  You may also put in car keys, photos, practically anything that fits.  One has to be careful however not put magnets, or anything that has electric charges in it to make sure that the laptop won’t get damaged.

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  1. keith on February 11, 2007 5:54 am

    Where can you buy them?

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