power_7.jpgIf you’re outdoors and you wish to make the best of this peaceful environment by making use of your electronic devices, what would you do?  Normally, trees don’t have power outlets so you can’t plug them in.  Perhaps a really long extension cord will help.  Sure it could.  You indeed have a good power supply until someday trips over the wires that is.  So what else can use?  Generators are very much available these days for quick backup power supply in cases of emergency.  Definitely, it will work until the generator runs out of juice that is.  Generators come in different models.  There are gas powered models, these are cheaper to use because fuel consumption is smaller compared to electricity charging.  Some units have their own battery and simply acts as temporary storage.  The bottom line is these models still run out of power.  Check out this solar generator briefcase.  Take note the keyword is SOLAR, which power never runs unless of course there’s no sun.  This Generator Briefcase is great for charging laptops, small electric tools, and other electronic devices.  This also fully functions as a complete mobile power source for any device.  Want to be able to make some refreshments outdoors, bring along a blender as usual. 

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