Tired of your boring old tape recorder?  One has to agree though that tape recorders really are useful when making audio records.  There are minor setbacks to this simplemagic_book_small.jpg invention though.  These days, tapes aren’t that popular anymore plus their too bulky to put inside your pockets.  Not to mention it has limited capacity and you have to flip it from time to time to hear both sides.  Well, here’s a modern invention that replaces audio tapes and eliminates its limitations altogether.  Check out the IBM Magic Book.  This handy gadget is ideal for quick personal notes and may also be used to record sounds indefinitely.  Plmagic_book2_small.jpgus an added feature to this neat gadget is that can function as a search engine for recorded files.  The software included works just like your online search engines.  Looking for center sound files is a snap.  One may search for specific sounds files according to the person who made them.  Yes, this gadget can recognize voices too.  What’s more, it can use this recognition ability to play back the associated audio streams.  One may also use keywords to search for specific files, like a categorized search of all audio streams within a specific time frame.  And that’s not all, it also comes with fingerprint recognition for privacy and security.

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