ique_3600.jpgDo you have an assignment abroad?  No time to ask for directions when looking for a certain place.  One could always find a travelers map and a compass right but that would take too much time and your eyes might end up crossing over before you reach you destination.  In this day and age, GPS technology is already available, but no other gadget out there helps you where you need to me like the Garmin iQue 3600.  Ever watch spy movies like Mission Impossible, So Close, and the like.  You might see gadgets like these in the movies mentioned.  GPS gadgets are meant to track down your exact location wherever you are in the world by linking to a space satellite.  However, not all gadgets are as helpful as this model.  It works as if there’s a local tour guide giving you directions on how to get to your destination.  Instructions are excellent and easy to follow with commands like “in five hundred meters, turn right” or “off course,” when you’ve taken a wrong turn.  Go for the best in handheld palmtops.  This handy travel gadget comes with a USB recharging cradle, an AC adaptor, and may also be plugged in a car’s cigarette outlet. 

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