solar_powered_pith.jpgIs the summer heat getting too hot for you?  Is it just too bright and too hot under the sun?  Worry no more.  Here’s a nice little gadget that will both provide shade and coolness for you.  And I’m not talking a metaphorical cool, I’m talking about the literal cool.  You see, this ordinary looking hat actually has a minifan to “air” your head.  Want to hear the best part?  The fan runs on solar cells!  Talk about convenience and low maintenance.  At least you won’t have to worry about batteries dying out, unless of course the sun doesn’t seem to want to come out, which is perfectly fine considering this neat hat is meant for extremely hot weather.  But in case, you really want to keep things running, always keep a couple of double A batteries handy.  This is the perfect headgear for safari trips, desert tours, or simply a walk on the beach.  It may not look really cool but it can definitely keep you very cool.  This hat costs only $50.  I wonder if it comes in any more colors like leather brown, or black for that distinctive cowboy look, with a fan haha.  What do you think?  Cool huh?


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