rodi_1933_21091798.gifrodi_1933_21086628.gifDo you ever wish you could use your favorite gadgets while traveling?  If you have gadgets that can run indefinitely on batteries, then good for you.  Maybe you share it here.  I’ve always had my laptop with me, when I’m in the office or at home and I use practically for anything.  The only time I can’t use is when I’m driving or when someone else is driving the car and my laptop power dries out.  And so I’ve started searching for power adapters so I can use my laptop when traveling.  It took me quite a while but it’s well worth the effort.  Turns out there’s a whole bunch of these gadgets on the net.  But the one I liked most is this Slim inverter.  It’s compact and unlike other similar gadgets, it doesn’t only work with 12V DC outlets in vehicles, it even comes with a flight adapter for in-flight use.  It powers mobile electronics like laptops and portable DVD players just to name a few.  It also doubles as a small-scale generator and maybe charged using its USB cable.  My second preference is the auto cup converter. It is shaped like most standard plastic cups, and it fits in your car’s standard cup holder.  Similarly, it also powers a single 110V AC outlet.  A word of advice, don’t enjoy these things too much or your car might end up dying instead.

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