navigatorenterprises_1923_23474557.jpgAre your pets annoyed when they get cold and wet when there’s rain? Are you annoyed as well when they do? Hey! Wet fur stinks! So who wouldn’t? What’s more, if you love your pets, you wouldn’t want them to get sick now, would you? Every pet lover would know that it’s no easy task taking care of animals, especially dogs. Pure breeds cost a lot of money even as pups. For this reason, some owners go into the breeding business. Unlike other pets, dogs require documentation on top of vaccination shots, specialized dog food, and regular trips to the vet. Regular pet care also involves giving them baths, taking them for walks, and feeding them regularly. Quite a lot of time, effort and money, don’t you think? Keep your pets healthy and comfortable, even in the rain with this handy pet umbrella. This umbrella easily attaches to your pet’s collar, and it comes with its own leash. Plus, this umbrella’s made of clear PVC so you get to keep an eye on your pet the whole time. It also comes with a flexible handle and a padded comfort grip. This complete pet care package for rain or shine only costs $20. Neat huh?

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