hearos-sleep-relaxation-kit.jpgmarsona-sound-machine.jpgDo you have a hard time trying to slip when you travel? Are you uncomfortable sleeping in any place other than at home? Do you have insomnia? Do the most silent of nights cause you to toss and turn rather than relax? Well then, maybe all you need is something to soothe yourself so you may finally rest in peace (just for the night, I hope). There are sleeping aids available for travelers, as well as for everyone else who needs quality rest. If you prefer an outdoor atmosphere like the sound of a waterfall, or ocean waves, or even the sound of rain, or simply the calming sounds of nature, all you have to is plug in this neat gadget called the Marsona sound machine and it will recreate the perfect environment for your sleep. There are also people who find the smallest noise disturbing. These people need total silence in order to sleep. Although a pair of mufflers can certainly do the job, they’re way too uncomfortable for sleeping. If feels stuffy in the ears. A more pleasant alternative is the use of earplugs, an eye cover, and essential oils of your choice. These oils are most effective in calming the body by aromatherapy. All three are available in a unique package offered online, the Heiros Deep sleep and relaxation kit. Market prices for the Marsona sound machine is at $89, and the deep sleep and relaxation kit is around $13.

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