ulife005400_02_m.jpgDo you love playing tunes? Are you a regular Beethoven? If you love playing the piano, how does the idea of playing anytime anywhere strike you? Yes you can bring a piano with you and play. Don’t work your heads too much. I’m not referring to the grand wooden piano types. After all, who would want to carry those heavy things around? But there’s a piano that’s perfect for you! It’s the USB roll-up piano! Is the picture getting better now? This device is so compact after it’s rolled that it could fit in a backpack or briefcase. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just beginning this gadget gives you convenience of transport and improved sound quality as well. Heck, this gadget sounds even better than the old ones. Plus you get amplified sound when used with speakers. Classic pianos don’t have that. This gadget also has the features of other electronic pianos and organs: tempo adjustment, prerecorded songs, instrument tuning, and the standard record, play, and program functions. Its functions include 8 percussion instruments, 128 non-percussion instruments, 6 tones, and 100 prerecorded song. The big difference is, this new gadget is lightweight, flat (not bulky at all), and it doesn’t need additional power input, power feed comes from its own USB cable. No batteries, no adapters.

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