5585937614858026.jpgLooking for a hot spot for your laptop?  Check out the coffee shop down the street.  You’re on in luck!  The coffee shop says free WIFI here.  Now you start your laptop buy some coffee and perhaps some food as well.  Ack! You can’t connect!  Ack!  Here’s your bill for the food!  Now what are you going to do?  Avoid situations like this with this compact WIFI detector.  Of course you may always resort to opening and starting up your laptop everywhere you just to check if there’s a hotspot there, but why go through the hassle.  WIFI detectors do that for you with just a push of a button.  Be sure of your connections anytime anywhere.  This handy little gadget can detect and identify wireless internet signals.  Display includes network ID, signal strength, encryption status, and channel.  This handy accessory is perfect for students, techies, and professionals alike.  Use your laptop and get connected anytime.  Find the best place for quick downloads and make the most of the wireless internet technology.  For your convenience and security, get yourself one now!  Price is only $49.  There are also similar gadgets like this one.  To name a few check out SmartID’s WiFi Detector WFS-1, PCTEL’s WiFi Seeker, the new Kensington WiFi Finder Plus, and the Hawking Technologies’ WiFi Locator HWL1.

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