weather forecasterThis is one travel gadget I would recommend to anyone.  It’s not an alarm clock, although it can function as one.  It can give the temperature but it’s not a digital thermometer.  It tells me the humidity but it’s not a hygrometer.  It’s not a barometer but can tell the atmospheric pressure.  It’s more than all these gadgets combined in one compact, nifty package.  It’s the Oregon Scientific Handheld Weather Forecaster with Alarm Clock.

This remarkable gadget is especially useful when going camping or just plain hiking in the great outdoors.  It gives the weather forecast on the next 12 to 24 hours and the local area’s temperature and humidity.  It’s pretty handy when you’re camping out and can’t decide if it would be safe canoeing in a far away river or just trekking around the nearby woods.  The severe weather alert indicator keeps you from going too far from camp when it isn’t safe.

The alarm clock tells you when to wake up but also snoozes with you if you don’t feel like getting up yet.  You can read the display even at night with its luminous backlight.  And even tell how the moon will look even if it’s hidden behind the clouds or hasn’t risen yet.  This is quite easy with the moon phase feature.

This gadget also includes a calendar for some quick planning ahead or to keep track of the days left in camp.

Truly a compact marvel, I don’t go out without this gadget hanging on my belt.

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