rodi_1933_25272226.gifAre you the kind of person who finds it hard to remember things? Do you always have a pen and pad handy, just in case? If you’re that forgetful, chances are you’ll probably have a hard time finding pen and paper to begin with. Plus, what a hassle it is to keep buying ink refills and new pads, so why not try this electronic memo pad and pen! It’s very handy if you want to write something just of the blue! Suddenly thought of a nice rhyme for a poem? Write it down! Who knows? You just might be the next Edgar Allan Poe, or perhaps Emily Dickinson. Got a song in mind you want to check out? Write it down? Hey, who knows? You just might be the next hit pop artist. Are you a news reporter with a new thought for an article? Write it down! Your salary depends on it. Or perhaps you’re the quiet type, the kind of person who never misses to write on their diary. Can’t wait to get home? Write it down! Anytime, anywhere, whatever you want to write, write it down! Plus, this neat little gadget comes with its own plastic holder. Mount it on your car for easy grabs. And just in case, you like this article, write it down!

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