Are you as busy as bee? Do you have plenty of things to do today, tomorrow, and the day after that? Can you remember them all? Perhaps you can, after all most people make a list of things they do before they start the day. Too bad a plain piece of paper can’t remind you which thing to do when. What you need is a scheduler. A lot of people use them to plan their tasks days, weeks, even months ahead, wow talk about busy. But still, tasks might get cancelled, and some tasks may take too long. A notebook scheduler won’t remind you to change your plans or remind you you’re not following what you intended to do. An alarm clock perhaps? If you don’t mind setting it over and over again, and carrying it around, then by all means, do it. That’ll work. You’ll just look funny. But how about an alarm clock and a scheduler in one neat package? A data watch! This little device can store names, numbers, e-mail addresses, and appointments. Up to 500 phone entries, and 50 reminders. It also comes with batteries included. Battery life is 2 years. This watch is water resistant for 100 meters too. What better way to tell the time than looking at a watch, right? Now you can do more!

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