After researching on several digital cameras I finally decided on the Canon PowerShot SD600 Digital Elph Camera.  I especially liked the 2.5” LCD screen which allows me to tell right away if a shot wasCanon SD600 sharp or blurred.  No need of zooming in 2x or 4x like my old camera just to tell if I got the fine details of the picture.  It’s quite small and light-weight that I can easily place it in my shirt pocket and go wherever I want.  It’s quite handy during those moments when I suddenly find an interesting subject.
The New ISO settings are great; I won’t have to worry about taking pictures while in a tour bus.  I remember hating my old camera for the blurred shots of what could have been breath-taking scenery.  Even the movie clips are quite smooth with the faster framerate that this camera offers. Night pictures and other low light conditions are easy to shoot as well.
The 16 MB memory which comes with the camera is not enough especially for high-resolution pictures but I can easily solve that by buying a higher capacity memory card.
The battery life may be a bit wanting but it looks like I will have to review my pictures less often. However, with the large LCD screen, this may prove to be hard to resist.

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