first thought about getting a personal digital assistant when my shoulder started hurting from lugging a huge bag filled with books and papers and stuff. If I had to carry a notebook computer in addition to everything I normally bring with me I’d end up with a back like Quasimodo’s.  Deciding to get a PDA is relatively easy decision compared to deciding what model to buy. I need something that works with Microsoft Office, and preferably something with Wi-Fi  and/or Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth connection would enable me to sync the PDA with my PC without the wires, and the Wi Fi connection would save me the trouble of searching for an internet café to check my mail.  So far the Palm TX has been the most user friendly PDA I’ve tried that won’t clean out my bank account. It’s also got just the right features that are perfect for working on-the-go.  And when work’s over, I can relax with a game.

I like the huge screen, although it can’t compare to a laptop screen it‘s big enough not to make me loose track of my work when dealing with Microsoft Excel worksheets. The Palm TX Handheld is the perfect traveling companion that lets me work wherever I am and helps me keep in touch with the rest of the world.

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