I’ve been thinking about trading in my iPod mini for the new iPod nano. I held off buying the nano when it first came out because they all came in boring white, and had the same capacity as the mini. When the new iPod nano came out, with the eye catching colors, the increased capacity and the colored screen that the iPod mini doesn’t have, I knew it’s time to retire my faithful mini and get a new mp3 player.
The new colorful iPod nano has a capacity of 2000 songs, or 25000 snapshots, and fits in the back pocket of my tightest pair of jeans. It comes in 5 dazzling colors, no longer the boring white. It also has up to 24 hours of battery life, lasting longer than the mini. Instead of worrying about which songs to carry around with me, I now worry about not having enough songs!
What I really like about it is not the color, but the amount of data such a tiny thing can hold. It’s thinner than the previous nano, ang the LCD screen in brighter.  It’s smaller than the average mobile phone and just a bit larger than a credit card. I also use it to store my document files and other things, so I wouldn’t have to bother with a flash drive. With the iPod Nano I get a lot of gadgets in one tiny (and good looking) package. Traveling light has never been any easier.

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