Here’s one item that’s sure to come in handy, a nice blue marker!  Just kidding!  It’s a compact screw driver set.  It’s small, like your average marker.  Doesn’t look like a tool, does it?  But hey, it get the job done.  You can use it at home or in the office, or anywhere for that matter.  Be your own handyman. This handy Screw Driver Set comes with 4 precision screwdriver bits, which are held magnetically in the slender compact case with pocket clip. Promote good business relations with your clientele with this handsome screwdriver set that’s sure to be a real pleaser. Advertise your company name on the side with pride. Measures 4-7/8 inches by 9/16 inch thick.

Hey, everybody has to use a screwdriver at some time.  One day, you just might need to open up something, like a broken doorknob, or your son’s favorite toy.. What’ll you do if he goes.. Wah!  Like I said, it’s pretty handy to have this one around.  Who knows, someone might even wanna make a career out of it.  Anyone looking for odd jobs?  If you’re into interior design, make sure you have this one around, it’s great with fixtures and frames.  If you’re into electrical services, how will you stick those sockets in the wall, huh? Peace. 🙂


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