This is one of the favorite Travel Gadget that one must have on their list:

This universal travel plug adapter is the best and very essential gadgets you need while traveling. Especially to those on business trips and traveling from one place to another.

By the way, this is an adapter not an converter. However, you may still need to have an electric converter or better yet purchase an all in one electric and adapter converter. There are many types of plugs for different kind of appliances and gadgets. This is best for laptops, MP3 player, PDA and cellphones as well. generally work for those from the US traveling to destinations that uses higher voltages to step down from 230V to 120V.

Choose an travel plug adapter that is lightweight and easy to pack. This will help eliminate the hassle of carrying multiple adapters and also provides you with a reliable and convenient power solution. With this tool you would not have to worry if you lost or forgotten your converter or some part of it somewhere on the road which is very hassle and inconvenient for you. Buy a universal adapter that is compatible to any countries like Europe and Asia.

If you can also find an Universal Travel Plug Adapter with USB that would be a great idea!

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