Capacity Meter Flash DriveMost people may already have USB Flash Drives in their home. But check this out! Presenting, the Lexar Jumpdrive Mercury.

This one comes with a capacity meter. The meter has 10 bars, and shows a high level of contrast that is easily visible in good lighting conditions, and requires virtually no power to run. The display shows markers in 20% increments for quick reference, and shown below is the total capacity of the drive.

The meter is controlled by the flash drive itself, and it can be used with Mac, Microsoft, or Linux systems. This device comes with a 2-year warranty on life and 1 year warranty on display.

It also has the built-in Secure II dashboard software for security. This included software allows the user to create encrypted vaults to make sure personal files are kept secure. In addition to this safety feature the drive also has a file shred utility, which may be used to make sure that deleted files may not be recovered or undeleted.

Average read and write speeds for the 64MB test were 9.6MBps and 4.3MBps respectively. When using the encrypted vault, these speeds were reduced to 6.4MBps and 3.2MBps, about a 33% performance drop well within reason.

Price is at $37, a worthy investment for people who are always in a rush!

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