The All New Deluxe Wonder...

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2-in-1-chair.jpgThe Dune Buggy Reclining Beach Chair can also...

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treasure-tote.jpgThe Treasure Tote shell collecting...

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Yes, you are the sand-sculpture master. The one who deserves specially crafted tools that do justice to your sculpting talents. Sand Tools consist of six plastic tools and especially g
ood for beginners too...

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roleez.jpgThe Roleez cart is a sturdy little push-cart with balloon wheels to let you maneuver over any terrain with your coolers, picnic equipment, umbrellas, surf boards, etc. So whether it is sand, mud, or snow, or a soggy surface, you can bank on the Roleez cart to surmount all obstacles in finding that clean and shady spot on your camping trips or on the beach.

I’d say this is...

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Dry PakThe Dry Pak is a compact holder for your cell phones and PDAs. It is waterproof, made of a toughened plastic with a clear front and a padded back.

While it is handy that this sleeve is waterproofed, I would be more interested in protecting my stuff from sand. There isn’t anything much more annoying or inconvenient than taking your new iPod to the beach and getting it scratched...

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SiPix Pocket Printer A6The SiPix Pocket Printer A6 lets you print bills and receipts and other important notes while you are traveling.

Just how big is the printer though? Is it really portable? Well actually yes it is. The SiPix Pocket Printer A6 is about the same size as a Pocket PC, so there won’t be a problem slipping it into your carry case when on the road.

It is...

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Manhattan True-Touch roll-up computer keyboardIt’s one of the most common complaints about using a laptop, the cramped keyboard. yeah anufacturers try their best to fit a full-sized keyboard into the space, but it’s a long way off a proper keyboard. Keys are smaller, the action is shallow and the response can be dodgy to say the least.

Luckily there is a way round...

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ez-charge1.jpgThe EZ Charge lets you charge your cell phone if it dies unexpectedly. You get up to 60 minutes of talk time and stand-by time of up to six hours.

foot-massager1.jpgA foot massager from Altus, a bit of decadence or a genuine tool for relaxing the feet and increasing blood circulation in the body, you decide.

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